Posted January 19th, 2010 by health conscious doctor

Dr. Paul Genung, DDS has practiced dentistry in Seattle, WA for over 40 years during that time he has developed a keen appreciation of the value of health conscious dentistry. He has seen first hand the impact of Mercury sensitivity and the benefits to be gained from the removal of amalgam filings. While the risks associated with mercury filings may continue to be debated, there is no reason for individuals to subject themselves to mercury exposure that can easily be avoided.

There is nothing mystical about Health Conscious Dentistry. Some people call it Mercury free, holistic or even naturopathic dentistry

Health Conscious Dentistry is simply dentistry that endeavors to do no harm to the patient. It’s fine to save teeth, but if the materials the dentist uses, or the techniques he employs to save teeth, result in undermining the health of the patient, then the patient has not been done a favor.

One of the self-evident goals of dentistry is to help people save their teeth. When measured by this “yardstick”, dentistry has been successful – most of us have more teeth than our parents did at a similar age. Nevertheless, the materials and techniques used to save teeth are a direct assault on our health. Our amalgam fillings are 52% mercury, which is poison, pure and simple. Root canal fillings produce the most toxic organic substance known to man. Approximately 95% of all extracted teeth result in cavitations. Cavitations are unhealed, toxic, avascular (without a blood supply) holes in the jawbone caused by improperly extracted teeth. There is a “Matterhorn” of evidence to support the contention that nearly all the chronic degenerative diseases and nearly all of the autoimmune diseases can be laid at the feet of dentistry.


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